Farmington teen turns some chairs on 'The Voice'

Adrian Gomez
Albuquerque Journal
Chevel Shepherd

ALBUQUERQUE – Chevel Shepherd is small in stature.

But that didn't stop her from auditioning for NBC's reality competition series, "The Voice."

During Monday night's broadcast, the 16-year-old Farmington High School student turned the chairs of three judges.

Shepherd auditioned with The Band Perry's hit single, "If I Die Young."

Judges Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson all turned their chairs to fight it out for the teen.

"I first started singing when I was 2 years old and would always sing country music," Shepherd said during the broadcast. "Mostly Carrie Underwood because she's my favorite. ... If I saw Blake's chair turn around, I would freak out."

In the introduction portion of the segment, Shepherd said she enjoys being tiny and sassy.

"It just proves that big things come in small packages," she said. "I'm like dynamite. Tiny, but big."

As Shepherd began to sing, Clarkson said she sounded like Dolly Parton.
Immediately after, the Grammy winner hit her button.

Soon after, Shelton turned and before the 90 seconds was over, Hudson also turned her chair.

"I've been dying to get a female country singer," Clarkson said. "One of the main reasons I want to work with you, is that you are in your head. ... I would love to work with you because you are so great."

Hudson turned around because she thought Shepherd's voice was beautiful and wanted to watch Clarkson and Shelton battle it out for her.

Shepherd chimed in, "First of all, I want to say that I share the same birthday as Blake."
Shelton pleaded his case.

Her parents also thought she was going to pick Shelton.

In the end, Shepherd picked Clarkson.

"I cannot believe I got Chevel," Clarkson said. "She's so young, so fresh faced. ... No one sounds like her. Secondly, I used to own a Chevelle."

"I'm heartbroken Chevel went with Kelly," Shelton said. "I mean we have country music in common, we share the same birthday. We're both from New Mexico. Ok, that last part was a lie."

Shepherd joined her parents and said, "I had to go with Kelly. I like what she said."