Bloomfield includes water, wastewater projects on Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times

AZTEC — Water and wastewater infrastructure are among the dozen projects the Bloomfield City Council is considering for the Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan that it must submit to the state annually.

The ICIP does not commit the city to any of the projects, but it makes it more likely that they will receive funding.

Public Works Director Jason Thomas presented the proposed list to the City Council during the Aug. 24 meeting, and the council will likely vote on it during the first September meeting.

“Because we don’t have a lot of resources, we don’t have a giant ICIP list,” Thomas said.

However, the list is longer than the one submitted last year and one of the projects that was included in last year’s list was removed because it received funding. That project was the replacement or rehabilitation of the east water storage tank located north of City Hall.

The City of Bloomfield removed the east water storage tank from its ICIP list because it received funding for the project.

While the east water storage tank has been taken off the list, Thomas proposed placing the west water storage tank on the list this year. He presented it as the eighth project on that list.

This water tank is located in Lybertee Park and dates back to 1982. Thomas said it is in bad shape and said that it is amazing the tank has lasted as long as it has.

“We need to start planning as to how we’re going to replace it or rehab it,” Thomas said.

The number one project on the list is improving the secondary drinking water source on the San Juan River.

Crews work to make a temporary road while repairing the Bloomfield Irrigation District ditch following a breach.

The City of Bloomfield relies heavily on the Bloomfield Irrigation District to provide water through a ditch to the city’s reservoir. A second source was built along the San Juan River that would allow the city to pump water out of the river. However, the location below Largo Wash has created challenges as storms can bring sediment down that wash and make the second source unusable.

The city hopes to make improvements at this location to address those sediment issues.

In addition to improvements at the second source, the city hopes to build a new reservoir that will increase storage capacity. This reservoir, known as Scott Reservoir, is ranked number four on the proposed ICIP list. Currently Bloomfield has enough water storage capacity to last three weeks during the summer.

The headworks at the water reclamation facility are pictured in February in Bloomfield.

The second project on the list is one that already has funding, the upgrades at the wastewater treatment plant, or water reclamation facility. This funding came in the form of a large loan that required rate increases to make the payments.

Thomas said, with the council’s permission, the city will likely ask for state capital outlay funding to help reduce the loan amount needed to complete the upgrades. Because of that, he asked to keep the project on the ICIP list.

Other projects included on the list are:

  • East Blanco Boulevard bridge 
  • Purchase of police vehicles
  • Replacement of a ladder truck
  • Replacement of a jet rodder truck to clear sewer lines
  • Chip seal and overlay for various streets
  • Replacement of a backhoe
  • Upgraded equipment at the water treatment plant
  • An attachment for the excavator to help with trail development and removing overgrown vegetation 

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