Storage tank leak leaves some Harvest Gold customers without water

Tank taken out of service while repairs are done

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times
A water storage tank sits above the Harvest Gold subdivision east of Bloomfield on Wednesday.

FARMINGTON — Some residents of the Harvest Gold subdivision east of Bloomfield were once again left without water today following a leak that led to the water storage tank being taken out of service, according to a Facebook post by the San Juan County Office of Emergency Management.

Apple Orchard Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association Board President Ammon Burton said workers are trying to determine if the water storage tank is leaking or if the pipeline to the tank is leaking.

“We had thought that the tank was overflowing last night,” Burton said.

He said workers shut off the pump to the tank, but a resident who lives below the tank called in the morning to report water still flooding the property. The water flowed from the system on the hillside above and under the mobile home. The water was still visible on the property this afternoon, and some of the water trickled down the property alongside the driveway.

Residents reported having no water starting this morning. Officials asked the residents who still have water to conserve it.

Some residents of the Harvest Gold subdivision east of Bloomfield are without water again after their water storage tank was taken out of service.

Burton said workers will divert the water to the distribution system rather than the tank as a temporary solution.

The tank was part of the infrastructure Apple Orchard received from the water system's former owner, the AV Water Co. The tank has had problems in the past and is in poor condition. A former operator had used boards and sticks to plug holes.

Apple Orchard was formed and took over operations of the water system about a year ago as a way of getting clean water to the residents of the Harvest Gold subdivision. The residents were on a boil-water advisory for more than a year.

Because Apple Orchard is a community-owned water system, it was eligible to receive state funding to fix its infrastructure.

Burton said the association is in the process of having a new water storage tank designed. In the meantime, Apple Orchard is looking for temporary remedies. If the water tank is leaking, Burton said Apple Orchard may choose to patch it.

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