Bloomfield lifts water restrictions

The Daily Times staff

FARMINGTON — The city of Bloomfield lifted mandatory water restrictions at 9 a.m. today, according to a press release from the city.

The water restrictions were instituted after a portion of the Bloomfield Irrigation Ditch collapsed last month. The irrigation ditch is one of the city's only sources of drinking water. While repairs were made, Bloomfield received supplementary water from the city of Aztec and the Enterprise Reservoir. The supplemental water transfer stopped Thursday.

Water returned to the ditch on May 28, but the restrictions were not lifted until the city's reservoir had refilled.

While the mandatory restrictions have been lifted, the city is asking residents to continue conserving water wherever possible to minimize impacts on the storage in the Bloomfield Reservoir. If the water levels in the reservoir drop dramatically, water restrictions may be implemented again, according to the press release.

For more information, call the public works director Jason Thomas at 505-333-7816.