Bloomfield restaurant damaged by fire

The Daily Times staff
The walk-in freezer displays burn marks on Thursday at the Roadside Restaurant in Bloomfield.

BLOOMFIELD – A fire at the Roadside Restaurant here caused the family-owned eatery to shut down.

The fire started Wednesday night in a storage area of the restaurant, and the cause is under investigation, according to the Bloomfield Fire Department.

The blaze destroyed the storage room, as well as a walk-in freezer, and caused the plastic slats in a chain-link fence to melt. But the interior of the restaurant was undamaged.

"The whole inside of the building is OK," said Dana Rudder, one of the owners.

Rudder was at the restaurant Thursday trying to salvage the food after the electricity and gas were shut off.

She said the walk-in freezer was crucial to the restaurant's operation, but she hopes to have the business open again soon.

Plastic fence slats hang off after melting on Thursday at the Roadside Restaurant in Bloomfield.

Rudder said she is grateful there was not major damage.