Social media dispute leads to public complaint against Aztec mayor

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times

AZTEC — An Aztec resident alleges Mayor Victor Snover used his position as an elected official to try to get him fired following an Instagram dispute.

Colby King attended the Aztec City Commission meeting on Tuesday to complain about the mayor’s behavior.

Victor Snover

“Following a banter on social media, which apparently we can’t have differing opinions, he took it upon himself to come into my place of business with the intent, which he expressed, to have me terminated, representing himself as the mayor of Aztec,” King said during the meeting, which can be viewed on the city’s YouTube channel.

Snover denies going into the business where King works and said he did not try to get King fired. Snover said he did contact King’s employer, but not because of differing opinions expressed on social media.

He said he did not get his feelings hurt because of a social media post. Instead, Snover said the connotation of a hashtag King used led him to become concerned.

The dispute began after Snover posted a picture of himself holding a sign that reads “No Human is Illegal.” Snover was participating in the Families Belong Together rally in Farmington on June 30 when the picture was taken.

King, who had met the mayor a week earlier, responded to the post by calling the mayor a "dumbass" and including a hashtag that referenced a slang term for an effect that can occur when a woman wears tight pants or shorts.

“I was taken aback that he felt comfortable posting that,” Snover said.

Snover said he only mentioned his position as mayor of Aztec to let King’s employer know he is used to receiving negative feedback and expects some critical comments. He said he did not try to use his elected position to have King fired.

King said Snover spoke to the regional director at his business, but King was not terminated from his position.

“I think that that behavior is very unbecoming of a mayor,” King said. “I also feel that representing himself as the mayor for a stated outcome is unacceptable.”

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