Aztec will choose a new commissioner on Tuesday

Two former city commissioners have applied for the open position

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times




FARMINGTON — Two former Aztec city commissioners have applied for the open seat on the City Commission.

Diana Mesch, who served from 2004 until 2012, and Sheri Rogers, who vacated the seat earlier this year, have applied for the position.

The City Commission will appoint one of them to the seat during a 6 p.m. meeting Tuesday in Aztec City Hall, 201 W. Chaco St.

"I never really wanted to give that seat up," Rogers said.

She said she was forced to resign when she retired from her county job due to rules associated with her retirement account. The rules allow her to apply to be reappointed.

The appointee will serve for eight months until the next commissioner election in March.

"The city is in trouble, and I want to help," Mesch said.

She said Aztec has experienced a decline in gross receipts tax revenue, and the commission has made bad decisions, such as taking ownership of the golf course. She said she is concerned a proposed utility rate increase could make some residents have to choose between food and utilities.

"I'm just a voice in the wilderness saying, 'I can help,'" Mesch said.

Rogers said she feels she will be a good fit if chosen because of her experience working with the current commissioners.

"This is a team I've been working with, and we're an effective team," she said.

Rogers said she will work to finalize the budget, adjust the utility rates, prioritize the North Main Avenue extension and East Aztec Arterial Route projects, and focus on improving commerce and the economy in Aztec.

"I hope I am given this opportunity to finish the term," she said.

Aztec Church of Christ pastor Johnathan Dobbs initially applied for the position, as well, but he withdrew his name from consideration this week.

Hannah Grover covers government for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4652.