Aztec will draft work plan on priority projects

The Daily Times staff
Aztec Ruins National Monument

AZTEC — The city of Aztec is preparing a work plan that will highlight its priority projects.

The commission last year decided not to create a work plan and instead worked off of the capital projects plan.

The city has drafted a work plan in previous years.

During a meeting Tuesday, Commissioner Katee McClure said she would like to see the North Main Avenue extension project prioritized this year. The extension project aims to create a plaza and trail that would connect downtown Aztec with the pedestrian bridge over the Animas River leading to Aztec Ruins National Monument.

McClure said a work plan should focus on "what could we feasibly do, without failure, in a year."

As the city prepares its work plan, the commission will also examine its objectives for the city. A vision plan developed a few years ago outlines many of the goals. That plan will help the commission determine which projects to prioritize based on how they will help the city meet those objectives.

Commissioners will decide if those goals are still the city's goals moving forward.