Aztec commission selects mayor, mayor pro-tem

Hannah Grover
City Commissioners Austin Randall, left, Sally Burbridge, Sherri Sipe and Sheri Rogers conduct business on Tuesday during a City Commission meeting at Aztec City Hall. Burbridge was chosen as mayor again, and Sipe was chosen as mayor pro-tem.

AZTEC – City commissioners selected Sally Burbridge to serve as mayor and Sherri Sipe to serve as mayor pro-tem during their meeting Tuesday night.

Burbridge and Sipe were the reigning mayor and mayor pro-tem respectively. Because the March 1 city election included two commission seats, the commission was required to select a mayor and mayor pro-tem.

Sipe nominated Burbridge for another term as mayor, and the commission voted unanimously in favor of the appointment. Commissioner Sheri Rogers nominated Sipe for another term as mayor pro-tem, and the commission also voted unanimously in favor of her nomination.

Sipe was re-elected to serve on the commission during the March 1 election, while Austin Randall won the other seat. Sipe received 286 votes, according to the final results. She defeated Beth McClure, who received 88 votes, and Michael Forrest, who received 57 votes. In the other commission race, Randall received 244 votes, defeating incumbent Roberta Locke, who received 131 votes, and Caleb Robison, who received 48 votes. The final count showed 432 people voted.

After the meeting, Burbridge said the first step she will take in her new term as mayor will be to determine the commission's vision. She said she will meet with other commissioners during several upcoming retreats to decide where they want to take the city.

"We always have new challenges that pop up," she said about the issues facing the city.

She highlighted the economic downturn as one of the issues Aztec will have to address. Burbridge said the city will have to decide "how we can tighten our belt" while providing services.

Newly elected City Commissioner Austin Randall seconds a motion during Tuesday's meeting at Aztec City Hall.

Prior to the commission meeting, commissioners had a workshop to discuss sign codes in the city. Both Randall and Locke took part in the workshop.

The workshop was prompted by several local business owners complaining that their signs had been confiscated because the signs did not meet the city code. Those businesses were Abode Furniture, which used the signs to point out the driveway to the business off of West Aztec Boulevard, and a downtown antique store that was using similar signs to attract business.

The commissioners advised the owners of Abode Furniture to seek a variance in the sign code for their business due to its location but decided not to pursue changes in the sign code.

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