Here they are: Unofficial results and updates from San Juan County races

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times

The Nov. 2 local election has a large number of races for San Juan County registered voters to cast their ballot on. 

There are 32 different local elections on the ballot for San Juan County along with two tax-related questions. 

Election: Nov. 2 San Juan County area election will feature 32 different races with two tax questions

Those races come from Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington and Kirtland along with four public school districts, San Juan College and two soil/sanitation/water boards.

Election: Farmington schools prepares for upcoming $8 million proposed bond election

Countywide emergency communications and emergency medical and behavioral health services tax question was approved, with 5,031 votes for and 3,217 against, according to unofficial results.

The Farmington Municipal Schools $8 million general obligation bond was also approved, with 2,214 votes for and 1,610 votes against the measure.

Here are the unofficial results for contested elections where two or more people are running, updated at 9:42 p.m.

City of Aztec, school board candidates

Commissioner District 2

Michael Davis: 152

Jason Thompson: 143

Joel Barton: 97

Kenneth George: 337

Commissioner District 4 

Colby King: 506

Victor Snover: 161

Joe Hubbard: 82

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Commissioner District 5 

William Motto: 214

James Crowley: 297

Sabrina Rials: 73

Mark Lewis: 167

School Board District 3

Melissa Wood: 78

Robert "Jimmy" Dusenbery: 185

School Board District 5

Paul Marken: 159

Amanda Miller: 158

City of Bloomfield, school district candidates

Councilor Position 3

Dale Walls: 280

Wayne Wendell: 258

Councilor at Large (Vote for Two)

Randy Shull: 144

Municipal Judge 

Cynthia Wagoner: 265

Gabriela Crane: 109

Jarly Lopez: 213

School Board District 2 

Darrell Nichols: 233

Songtree Pioche: 78

School Board District 5

Ben Woody Jr.: 127

Veronica Tso: 126

Central Consolidated School District school board candidates

District 1

Marion Wells: 368

Sheldon Pickering: 124

District 3 

Matthew Tso: 110

Cheryl George: 238

Philip John Kinlichee (Write-In): 0

City of Farmington, school board candidates

Councilor District 1 

Michael Bulloch: 156

Linda Rodgers: 452

Councilor District 2 

Sean Sharer: 388

Henry Silentman: 274

Part-Time Municipal Judge

Robert Miller: 1,815

Brian Erickson: 1,117

School Board District 2

Andra Stradling: 379

Robyn Hoffman: 185

San Juan College Board of Trustee candidates

District 2 

Kerby Johnson: 311

Evelyn Benny: 360

Roy Hosteen: 267

Zachariah George: 151

District 5 

Nicole Wayne: 452

Byron Manning: 683

San Juan Soil & Water Conservation District candidates

Supervisor 3

Ashley Maxwell: 3,405

Ann Kalcich: 2,706