Fishing report: Quality waters fishing is good using various midge pupa pattern flies

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

San Juan River: Albuquerque resident Estevan Martinez caught a 20-inch rainbow trout on Oct. 7 using a size 24 black midge while fishing the Upper Flats Quality Waters. The previous day, Matt Stimac, also of Albuquerque, caught a 26-inch brown trout using a black Woolly Bugger. Trout fishing in the quality waters was good using black, crème, red, and olive midge pupa pattern flies, black Woolly Buggers, small baetis nymph flies and RS2s.

Hopewell Lake: Rio Rancho teen Sean Rey-Vaughn,13, of Rio Rancho caught a 20-inch rainbow trout on Oct. 3 using green PowerBait eggs. In addition to green PowerBait eggs, anglers say trout fishing was good using Pistol Pete’s spinners.

An angler holds a rainbow trout he caught, Thursday, April 18, 2019, at Texas Hole on the San Juan River near Navajo Dam.

Salmon snagging slow at El Vado, good at Navajo and fair at Eagle Nest

Eagle Nest Lake: Anglers reported good trout fishing using chartreuse garlic glitter PowerBait, fluorescent yellow PowerBait and worms. Eagle Nest Lake is one of the lakes where snagging kokanee salmon is currently allowed. Snagging was fair and anglers also reported catching a couple salmon using yellow PowerBait. Meanwhile, fishing for pike was fair to good using large spinners and spoons.

El Vado Lake: Like Eagle Nest Lake, El Vado Lake is open for salmon snagging, however anglers reported it has been slow.

Navajo Lake: Another lake that is open for salmon snagging is Navajo Lake, where fishing with snagging hooks was good near the dam. And salmon aren’t the only fish that anglers had luck catching. Bass fishing was fair to good on the northern portion of the San Juan arm using curly tail jigs and jerk baits.

Other waters 

Clayton Lake: Fishing for both trout and catfish was fair to good. Anglers fishing for trout were using PowerBait and nightcrawlers, meanwhile catfish were biting on chicken liver and handmade baits.

Pecos River: Trout fishing was fair to good using baetis nymph flies, nightcrawlers, hare’s ear nymphs and bead head nymph flies.

Rio Grande: While the Rio Grande fishing downstream is limited due to low water, stream flow at the Taos Junction Bridge was 159 cubic feet per second on Oct. 12 and anglers reported good trout fishing using Panther Martin spinners and small baetis bead head nymphs.

Ute Lake: Anglers say fishing for white bass has been slow, but walleye fishing was fair in 30-feet deep water on the main lake points using blade baits and slab jigs. They reported good fishing for catfish using punch bait and nightcrawlers.

Rio Pueblo: The low water condition mean the Rio Pueblo is not good for fishing at this time.

Bluewater Lake: Anglers reported good fishing for tiger muskie using 8-inch streamer flies, jointed Rapala lures, swimbaits, spinner baits, spoons and water dogs. Meanwhile, trout fishing was slow to fair and anglers were using PowerBait. Fishing for catfish was good. Anglers reported the catfish were biting on chicken liver, hot dogs and water dogs.

Chama River: Anglers fishing for trout below El Vado Lake reported the fishing was good using silver Panther Martin spinners, brown and white Rooster Tail spinners, nightcrawlers and PowerBait. Meanwhile, downstream of Abiquiu Lake, fishing was fair using black Woolly Buggers, eggs and San Juan worms.

Fenton Lake: Fishing for trout was good using black Woolly Buggers, size 20 crystal flash midge flies, PowerBait and worms.

Jemez Waters: Trout fishing was fair using worms and small spinners.

Elephant Butte Lake: Anglers say fishing for white bass was good trolling white crankbaits and casting Sassy Shad and fishing for walleye was fair trolling crankbaits close to the lake bottom. People fishing at night for catfish reported good fishing using cut carp and liver.

Lake Roberts: Catfish were biting on beef liver and worms and anglers reported good fishing for both trout and catfish. The trout were biting on pink and orange PowerBait, flavored salmon eggs and gray/black flies.

Trees Lake: The best fishing reported was for catfish, which anglers said was fair using liver and worms. However, trout fishing is anticipated to improve as new fish were just stocked.

Brantley Lake: Anglers say bass fishing was good using watermelon and pumpkin colored plastic worms.

Grindstone Reservoir: Trout fishing was fair to good using spinners and pink and peach PowerBait.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish releases a weekly fishing report online.