Fishing Report: Salmon snagging has been very good at Navajo Lake shortly into the season

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

Navajo Lake: People fishing for bass reported fair fishing using watermelon plastic tubes and crankbaits. Salmon snagging was very good, and trolling for kokanee salmon was fair to good at 85 feet deep. Salmon snagging season at Navajo Lake opened on Oct. 1 and continues through the end of the year.

San Juan River: Anglers fishing for trout in the quality waters reported good fishing using size 24 black, crème and brown midges, chocolate foam wing emergers, red annelids and small Baetis nymph flies.

An angler holds a rainbow trout he caught, Thursday, April 18, 2019, at Texas Hole on the San Juan River near Navajo Dam.

Charette Lakes: There isn’t much time left for anglers to fish in the pair of lakes near Springer. The fishing area is seasonally closed from Nov. 1 through March 1. Trout fishing has been good using worms, salmon eggs and bead head nymph flies.

Elephant Butte Lake: The reservoir near Truth or Consequences boasts a variety of species including bass and walleye. Anglers reported good fishing for white bass while trolling white crankbaits and casting Sassy Shad. Meanwhile, people fishing for walleye reported it was fair to good when trolling crankbaits close to the bottom of the lake. Those fishing for catfish at night reported good fishing using cut carp and liver. Bass fishing was good using lipless rattle trap lures.

Alto Lake: Anglers visiting Alto Lake near Ruidoso reported good trout fishing using green and yellow PowerBait. Meanwhile, fishing for catfish was fair using Fireballs.

Grindstone Reservoir: Fishing for trout was good using peach salmon PowerBait.

Grindstone Reservoir is pictured near Ruidoso.

Eagle Nest Lake: Anglers reported good trout and perch fishing The perch were biting on worms while anglers have had luck fishing for trout trolling brown and black Woolly Buggers tipped with corn.

Brantley Lake: People visiting the lake north of Carlsbad reported good bass fishing using watermelon and pumpkin-colored plastic worms.

Lake Roberts: Anglers reported good fishing for catfish using using beef liver and worms. Trout fishing was also good using pink and orange PowerBait, flavored salmon eggs and gray/black flies.

Brantley Lake is pictured near Carlsbad.

Cimarron River: Trout fishing in the river in northeast New Mexico has been good using fly dry dropper setups with zebra midges and tricos.

Rio Grande: While lower portions of the Rio Grande have dried up, fishing in northern New Mexico for trout was good using crane fly nymphs with small Baetis bead head nymphs trailing and dry/dropper fly rigs.

Clayton Lake: Anglers reported fair to good trout fishing using PowerBait and nightcrawlers and fair to good fishing for cat fish using chicken liver and homemade baits.

Conchas Lake: Anglers reported fair to good bass fishing using crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

Ute Lake: The state park in eastern New Mexico has a variety of fish species for anglers to catch. White bass fishing was fair trolling Flicker Shad lures. Meanwhile, both large and smallmouth bass in waters 10 to 15 feet deep have been biting on Senko worms, chatterbaits and swimbaits. Anglers say fishing has been fair for both species. In deeper water of about 30 to 40 feet deep on the main lake points, walleye fishing has been fair using vibrating jigs. Anglers also reported fair to good catfish fishing using chicken liver and nightcrawlers.

Bear Canyon Lake: People hoping to catch crappie reported fair to good fishing using gray flies and minnows. 

Bluewater Lake: Fishing for catfish in the lake west of Grants has been very good using chicken liver and water dogs and fishing for tiger muskie was good using 8-inch streamer flies, jointed Rapala lures, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, spoons and water dogs. However, trout fishing was slow to fair using PowerBait.

Pecos River: Anglers fishing for trout on the Pecos River reported good fishing using Baetis nymph flies, salmon eggs, worms, hare’s ear nymphs and bead head nymph flies. Downstream in the southern part of the river, fishing for catfish was good using hot dogs and worms.

Red River: Anglers on the Red River reported good trout fishing using a dry fly with dropper setups with small nymphs and worms.

Chama River: Trout fishing below El Vado Lake was fair to good using orange and yellow Panther Martin spinners, brown and white Rooster Tail spinners, nightcrawlers and PowerBait. Meanwhile, trout fishing below Abiquiu Lake was fair using black Woolly Buggers, eggs and San Juan worms.

Brazos River: Anglers reported fair to good trout fishing using bead-head nymph and Woolly Bugger flies.

Fenton Lake: Trout fishing was good using black leech flies, salmon eggs, PowerBait and worms.

Jemez Waters: Fishing for trout was fair to good using salmon eggs and worms.

Laguna del Campo: Anglers at the lake also known as Burns Canyon Lake reported good trout fishing using yellow and green garlic-scented PowerBait.

Bear Canyon Lake: People fishing for crappie reported it was fair to good using gray flies and minnows.

Gila River: The fishing for both rainbow and Gila trout was good near the middle fork of the Gila River using peacock nymph flies. 

Glenwood Pond: Fishing for trout was good using mayflies.

Trees Lake: Fishing for catfish was fair using liver and worms.

Quemado Lake: Fishing for trout was good using PowerBait and worms.

Bosque Redondo Lake: Fishing for catfish was fair to good using hotdogs.

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish releases a weekly fishing report on its website.