Paving begins on phase one of Complete Streets project

City officials anticipate reopening streets to traffic on July 8

Mike Easterling
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Visitors to downtown Farmington this week were treated to a sight they hadn't seen since early January on the stretch of Main Street involved in the Complete Streets project — asphalt.

Workers begin paving part of South Commercial Avenue adjacent to TJ's Diner on June 18 before they moved on to other side streets later in the week and began laying down a base layer for the paving of Main Street. City officials anticipate reopening all the streets involved in the first phase of the Complete Streets project to vehicle traffic by Wednesday, July 8.

Even as work began on phase two of the project — a stretch that runs from Allen Avenue to Auburn Avenue — with pavement removal and the construction of a chain-link fence around the construction perimeter, workers were finishing the construction of raised concrete planters, steps, ramps, medians, sidewalks and roundabouts in phase one.

The removal of asphalt and the construction of a chain-link fence around the perimeter marked the beginning of work on phase two of the Complete Streets project in downtown Farmington.

The roundabouts are particularly time consuming, as they feature brick pavers that must be cut to fit. The project schedule calls for the placement of decorative boulders in the roundabouts this week.

City workers will move into the phase one work zone soon to begin the considerable landscaping work that is part of the project. Dozens of trees and other vegetation will be planted to replace the trees that were removed in late December to make way for the infrastructure work that is part of the district's renovation.

A section of East Main Street outside the Artifacts Gallery is prepared for paving on June 18, 2020, in downtown Farmington.

The week ahead also will see the delivery of several bundles of poles that will hold new street lighting for the district.

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South Commercial Avenue is repaved with asphalt on June 18, 2020.