Drivers be warned: Stoplight replaces flashing signal on County Road 350

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times
A new traffic light is replacing the previous flashing signal on County Road 350 at the top of Crouch Mesa.

FARMINGTON — San Juan County is urging drivers to pay attention to a stoplight installed at the intersection of County Road 350, County Road 3720 and County Road 3100.

This traffic signal is at the top of Crouch Mesa. It is replacing one that currently flashes yellow lights for north and south traffic and red lights for east and west traffic.

The new stoplight will replace the flashing signal on Jan. 13, according to San Juan County spokesman Devin Neeley.

San Juan County is warning drivers that running the red light could result in citations, and failure to obey traffic control devices carries an $82 penalty in addition to court fees.

A sign warns drivers about a change to the traffic signal on County Road 350. Starting Jan. 13, the light will stop traffic rather than flashing red or yellow.

The county installed the new traffic signal after a study showed the volume of traffic traveling through that intersection every day merited a stoplight rather than just a flashing signal, according to a press release. These standards are outlined in the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

According to the press release, County Road 350 is one of the most heavily-traveled roads that the county maintains. The Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization estimates an average of 6,300 vehicles traveled on the road each day in 2018.

The new traffic light cost about $100,000 to install.

More information is available by calling San Juan County Public Works at 505-334-4520.

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The current traffic signal on County Road 350 flashes yellow for traffic traveling one direction and red for traffic traveling the other direction. That will change on Jan. 13.