Election Day 2019: See the results of the Farmington school board races

Three school board seats were on the Nov. 5 ballot

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times
  • Stephanie Thompson ran unopposed for the District 1 seat.
  • Board President and incumbent Kyle Rhodes was reelected to his District 4 seat.
  • District 5 candidate Joan Vallee is the new member joining the school board.
Stephanie Thompson

FARMINGTON — The incumbent Farmington school board president was reelected to his seat during the Nov. 5 election as a new board member will join the board.

Three of the Farmington Municipal School District Board of Education seats were listed on the ballot, with two seats being contested during the Nov. 5 election.

District 1

Stephanie Thompson ran unopposed for the District 1 seat and is set to serve for the next four years. Thompson was appointed to the school board during a June 27 meeting.

Former board member Mike Isaacson stepped down from the seat earlier this year.

Thompson has expertise in problem solving and refining processes from her career as an engineer, according to The Daily Times archives.

In a statement to The Daily Times, Thompson wanted to thank the people that cast their vote for her even though she ran unopposed.

"I am eager to support programs that help Farmington students recognize the possibilities opened to them by the quality K-12 education that they receive," Thompson said. "This will help students prepare for their next step in education or the workforce."

Kyle Rhodes

District 4

Board President and incumbent Kyle Rhodes was reelected to his District 4 seat, with 430 votes to challenger Andrea Turman's 394 votes, according to San Juan County Clerk's Office unofficial results.

Rhodes has held the seat since he was first elected during the Feb. 1, 2011, regular school election.

He has served as the school board president for the last four years, taking over the position from former school board president Sandy Schumacher.

"I'm really excited about being reelected," Rhodes said. "It's a great thing that we had such great voter turnout."

He also stated Turman ran a good campaign and noted how tight the race was.

One of Rhodes' goals is try and listen to parents and teachers who believe their voices aren't be heard by the school board.

He hopes to get parents in the community passionate about their children's education.

District 5

District 5 candidate Joan Vallee is the new member joining the school board with 399 votes to Rick Quevedo's 372 votes, according to San Juan County Clerk's Office unofficial results.

Vallee would fill the spot of current District Five board member Sherry Galloway, who was not listed on the ballot for the Nov. 5 election. Galloway was a write-in candidate for the Feb. 3, 2015, school election.

Vallee is certified to teach subjects like Art, English, Social Studies and Psychology along with Special Education courses for grades from preschool to 12th grade.

She has also taught in San Juan college departments including early childhood, sociology and art.

"I hope to do good things for the children in Farmington schools," Vallee said.

She thanked the people who voted for her and for voting for the children of Farmington.

"I knew it was close but I didn't know just how close it was," Vallee said of the election.

Vallee hopes that Farmington schools can help New Mexico increase its educational statistics on a national level, referring to reports that left the state in last place for education nationwide.

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