Fishing Report: Flows reduced in San Juan River, salmon snagging continues at Navajo Lake

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

San Juan River: The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation decreased releases from Navajo Dam from 500 cubic feet per second to 300 cubic feet per second on Oct. 29. The releases will be increased back to 500 cubic feet per second on Nov. 14. Trout fishing in the quality waters below the dam has been good using nymphs, dry flies, streamers, red and cream midge larva fly patterns, ant patterns, Baetis patterns, Blue Winged Olives, pupa patterns and crystal flash midge emergers. Downstream on the lower river and into the bait waters, trout fishing has been good using Baetis nymphs, Parachute Adams, Blue Wing Olives worms and spinners.

Navajo Lake: The only species reported from Navajo Lake this week were kokanee salmon. Salmon snagging has been good near the dam and snagging season is open through the end of the year.

Float'N Fish salesman Matt Van Sickle talks about reels used for fly fishing in March 2016 at the store located in the Community of Navajo Dam.

Rio Grande: Questa resident Seth Hardy caught a 20-inch rainbow trout, a 20-inch brown trout and a 13-inch Rio Grande cutthroat trout while fly fishing on Oct. 23 near Bear Crossing using a large, tan bead head nymph. The river was flowing at 316 cubic feet per second on Oct. 28 at the Taos Junction Bridge. Trout fishing was good using large, tan bead head nymph flies, Panther Martin spinners, streamers, crane fly larva flies and Pheasant Tails. Catfish fishing was slow to fair near Albuquerque.

Fenton Lake: Albuquerque resident Steve Sanchez caught a 20-inch rainbow trout on Oct. 25 using a Rapala lure. Trout fishing was good using lures and garlic-flavored PowerBait.

Bluewater Lake: Tiger muskie fishing was good using swimbaits, jointed crankbaits, squarebill crankbaits and flies. Catfish fishing was slow. Anglers reported a few catfish were caught using chicken liver and stink bait.

Brazos River: Trout fishing was good using Pheasant Tails and worm.

Chama River: The river was flowing at 620 cubic feet per second on Oct. 28 below El Vado and 669 cubic feet per second below Abiquiu. Trout fishing below El Vado Lake was fair to good using leach pattern flies, tungsten bead head green scud flies, peacock nymph flies, salmon eggs, nightcrawlers and PowerBait.

Jemez Waters: Los Alamos resident Eric Battle caught and released a dozen trout using a Prince Nymph dropper below a terrestrial fly. The Jemez River was flowing at 13.8 cubic feet per second on Oct. 28 near the town of Jemez. Trout fishing was good using salmon eggs and nymph flies.

Laguna del Campo: Trout fishing was fair to good using nightcrawlers and PowerBait.

Seven Springs Brood Pond: Trout fishing was good using spinners, PowerBait, salmon eggs, leach pattern flies and salmon eggs.

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