Lower Valley Water's pumps were off at the time, so drinking water was not impacted by the spill


FARMINGTON — More than 200 gallons of sewage was released from the City of Farmington’s wastewater system on Sept. 10 into the Farmers Mutual Ditch, prompting the ditch company to urge users to close their headgates and turn off pumps.

According to a public notice from the City of Farmington, there was an overflow of untreated sewage at a lift station near the intersection of Murray Drive and Main Street during the morning. 

The overflow was cleaned up within 40 minutes, but approximately 250 gallons reached the ditch.

Because the Lower Valley Water Users Cooperative Association had its pumps off at the time, no drinking water sources were impacted by the spill.

This is not the first time sewage from Farmington has ended up in Farmers Mutual Ditch.

In April 2018, a blockage caused by flushable wipes led to 1,000 gallons of wastewater being released into the ditch.

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