Bloomfield set to pick new police chief

City officials search for replacement for Randy Foster

The Daily Times staff
Cynthia Atencio

BLOOMFIELD — Bloomfield Mayor Cynthia Atencio told residents who attended a City Council meeting on Monday that the city will likely choose its next police chief during a special meeting next week.

While the time and date is still tentative, Atencio said the city is considering meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday to make the appointment. The meeting will be held at City Hall, 915 N. 1st St.

The six candidates were interviewed last week as part of the effort to choose a new chief. Atencio said the city put together three panels to conduct those interviews. In addition to a panel that included City Council members, another panel included police chiefs from nearby cities, as well as the county sheriff. The third panel was made up of community members such as business owners who volunteered and were chosen to serve.

The former chief, Randy Foster, retired from the police department in June after taking a job in Arizona.

Since then, Randon Matthews has been serving as interim chief. Matthews was a lieutenant under Foster.

Several community members and police officers have voiced support for Matthews being chosen as the next chief. They cite his increased community outreach as one of the reasons he should be the next chief.