What you can recycle depends on where you take it

More than a dozen locations available in San Juan County

The Daily Times staff
Jeff Thomas recycles cardboard boxes Thursday at the Waste Management recycling facility in Farmington.

FARMINGTON — There are more than a dozen places in San Juan County where people can take products like cardboard and paper to be recycled.

Those locations include the Farmington residential recycling center at 101 Spruce St., the Aztec Recycling Center at 303 S. Ash Ave., the Waste Management Eco-Center located at the county landfill at 78 County Road 3140 and all 12 of the county's solid waste convenience centers.

In addition, many Farmington residents have the option of curbside recycling.

A plastic bag containing recyclables is deposited inside a recycling bin Thursday at the Waste Management recycling site in Farmington.

The various locations have different requirements for what they can accept, but none of the locations accept food, hazardous waste or plastic bags for recycling.

Farmington's recycling center accepts glass bottles and jars, but Aztec and San Juan County do not, according to information posted on the websites.

All locations accept paper and cardboard, and aluminum, steel or tin cans. However, if the paper or napkins have been in contact with food, they cannot be recycled.

Containers that have had food in them should be washed before recycling, and plastic bottles should have their lids removed.

A sign posted at the Waste Management recycling facility in Farmington informs users what can and can't be recycled.

The San Juan County convenience centers can accept some appliances such as washers and dryers and freezers or refrigerators that have had their doors removed. Farmington and Aztec do not accept any appliances.

Full lists of what the recycling locations accept can be found at sjcounty.net, aztecnm.gov and fmtn.org.