Local business will build reactor units for BayoTech


FARMINGTON — An executive at a Farmington manufacturing business says a new partnership with an Albuquerque-based chemical reactor company will provide his firm with new opportunities and could turn into a New Mexico success story.

John Byrom, the business development manager for PESCO, said the local business will begin building reactor units for Albuquerque's BayoTech next year. BayoTech uses technology developed at Sandia National Laboratories to create modular, transportable production units that will produce hydrogen, ammonia and fertilizer.

The applications for those products include fueling hydrogen-powered vehicles and use as agricultural products.

The advantage of BayoTech’s production units is that those products can be produced at the same place that the product is used, such as at the gates to a farm, according to the company's website.

BayoTech is currently running tests on a prototype, and Byrom anticipates PESCO will begin producing the reactor units for BayoTech in 2019.

That is a new step for PESCO, but Byrom said it fits well with what PESCO has been doing for years. PESCO predominantly manufactures equipment for the oil and gas industries.

Byrom said the partnership will not take away from the work PESCO does for oil and gas industries, but it will help the company expand.

“It allows us to continue to grow and reduces our exposure to the very cyclical oil and gas industry,” Byrom said.

He said PESCO will remain primarily focused on manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas fields, but it will increase the amount of equipment it makes for BayoTech over time. Byrom anticipates 25 to 50 percent of PESCO's production at some point will be for BayoTech.

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“It’s a very nice complement to the things we are already doing,” Byrom said.

Byrom said the equipment BayoTech needs has similar manufacturing requirements to what PESCO already produces.

Like most of the equipment PESCO produces, BayoTech’s equipment will be built on skids to make it easy to load onto trucks. It then will be shipped via truck to BayoTech’s facility.

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He said PESCO employs some of the finest welders in the world.

PESCO has been growing its work force over the past two years. Byrom said two years ago, the company employed 186 people. It now has a work force of nearly 400 employees, and 75 percent of its employees are Native American.

Byrom said the partnership with BayoTech could mean PESCO will need to hire more welders in the future.

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