Largest increase planned for Bloomfield residents


AZTEC — A Bloomfield homeowner whose house is valued at $150,000 will pay $57 more this year in property tax than in 2017, according to County Finance Officer Jim Cox.

Cox presented the 2018 property tax rates to the San Juan County Commission during a special meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Bloomfield residents will see the largest increase in property tax this year, but residential property countywide will see increased rates.

The rates are set by the New Mexico Department of Finance Authority and are checked for accuracy by local government entities. The County Commission confirmed those rates during the special meeting.

The tax rates are determined by debt service and operational cost of multiple entities including the state, county, cities, schools and San Juan College, Cox explained during the meeting.

Homeowners outside the Bloomfield city limits who are within the Bloomfield School District boundaries also will see a large increase in property tax. For example, a house in Blanco that is valued at $150,000 would have a $55 increase in property tax.

While the Bloomfield area will have the largest increase in property tax rates, residents will still pay less than those in the special tax district between Aztec and Bloomfield. The special tax district has had the highest property tax rates for the past three years. A property owner in the special district whose house is valued at $150,000 will pay $11.65 more than if it was located inside the Bloomfield city limits, which has the second-highest property tax rate for residential properties.

The owner of a $150,000 house in the special district will pay $13.30 more this year than last year.

The smallest increase in property taxes will be in Kirtland, which also has the lowest property tax rate. The owner of a $150,000 house in Kirtland or its surrounding areas will pay $11.95 more this year than last year, according to Cox.

Kirtland’s mill rate is 21.368 for residential properties compared with the special district’s mill rate of 30.024. Mill rates are the amount a property owner will pay for each $1,000 of taxable values.

2018 residential mill rates

Aztec inside city limits: 28.851

Aztec outside city limits: 24.376

Farmington inside city limits: 23.25

Farmington outside city limits: 21.825

Bloomfield inside city limits: 29.791

Bloomfield outside city limits: 24.143

Kirtland and surrounding areas: 21.368

Special tax district between Aztec and Bloomfield: 30.024

2018 nonresidential mill rates

Aztec inside city limits: 34.525

Aztec outside city limits: 27.652

Farmington inside city limits: 27.131

Farmington outside city limits: 24.906

Bloomfield inside city limits: 35.057

Bloomfield outside city limits: 27.250

Kirtland and surrounding areas: 24.276

Special tax district between Aztec and Bloomfield: 35.459

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