Here's every candidate running uncontested in the June 5 primary elections

The Daily Times staff
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FARMINGTON — Primary elections are Tuesday, June 5. In San Juan County, polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Dozens of uncontested candidates are on the ballots for the Democratic, Republican and Libertarian party primary elections. 

Here's the full rundown.

All Libertarian candidates running uncontested

These include:

  • U.S. Senator: Aubrey Dunn
  • U.S. Representative: Christopher Manning
  • Secretary of State: Sandra D. Jeff
  • Attorney General: A. Blair Dunn
  • Commissioner of Public Lands: Michael G. Lucero

19 uncontested Democratic candidates

There are 19 uncontested races in the Democratic Party primary election.

These include the incumbent U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich and incumbent U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján.

Incumbents Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg and Attorney General Hector Balderas are all running for reelection. None of them have opponents in the primary election.

Other unopposed Democratic Party races include:

  • State Representative District 3: M.P. Schildmeyer
  • State Representative District 4: Anthony Allison
  • State Representative District 5: Doreen W. Johnson
  • State Representative District 9: Patricia Lundstrom
  • State Representative District 65: Derrick J. Lente
  • State Representative District 69: Harry Garcia
  • Public Education Commissioner: Georgina A. Davis
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 1: Kristina Bogardus
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 2: Jacqueline R. Medina
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 3: Briana H. Zamora
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 4: Megan P. Duffy
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 5: Jennifer L. Attrep
  • Magistrate Judge Division 4: Trudy M. Chase
  • County Commissioner District 2: Ervin Chavez

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24 uncontested Republican candidates

There are two dozen uncontested races on the Republican primary ballot.

These include:

  • U.S. Senator: Mick Rich
  • U.S. Representative: Jerald Steve McFall
  • Governor: Steve Pearce
  • Lieutenant Governor: Michelle Garcia Holmes
  • Secretary of State: Johanna Cox
  • State Auditor: Wayne A. Johnson
  • State Treasurer: Arthur L. Castillo
  • Attorney General: Michael Eugene Hendricks
  • Commissioner of Public Lands: Patrick H. Lyons
  • State Representative District 1: Rodney D. Montoya
  • State Representative District 2: James R.J. Strickler
  • State Representative District 3: Paul C. Bandy
  • State Representative District 4: Sharon E. Clahchischilliage
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 1: Stephen G. French
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 2: Hank Bohnhoff
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 3: Emil J. Kiehne
  • Judge of the Court of Appeals Position 4: Daniel Jose Gallegos
  • Magistrate Judge Division 2: Rena Scott
  • Magistrate Judge Division 3: Mark Steven Hawkinson
  • Magistrate Judge Division 4: Melvin Sam
  • Magistrate Judge Division 5: Pat V. Cordell
  • Magistrate Judge Division 6: Barry D. Sharer
  • County Commissioner District 2: Michael B. Sullivan
  • County Assessor: Jimmy Voita