Bolack outspends Ferrari in Sheriff's race

Tommy Bolack reports $75,000 of campaign contributions from himself while Shane Ferrari has raised $29,000

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times
Tommy Bolack stands for a portrait on Monday, Feb. 19, 2018 at his home in Farmington.
  • Bolack spent $25,000 on radio advertising and has also purchased other advertisements.
  • Ferrari says persistence will be key to his campaign.

FARMINGTON — Republican candidates for the San Juan County Sheriff have very different styles for raising money.

Tommy Bolack has a self-funded campaign while Shane Ferrari has been actively raising money. Campaign finance reports for the past six months were due Monday.

Bolack reported giving his campaign $75,000 and spending $65,000. The bulk of those expenditures were on advertising. Bolack has spent almost as much on radio advertising as Ferrari has raised. He reported spending $25,000 on radio advertising through FlexPoint Media Inc. out of Ohio. Meanwhile, Ferrari raised nearly $29,500. About $26,000 of Ferrari's funds were raised in the past six months. He began his campaign in August.

Bolack said he did not want to take money from people who could spend that money on their children.

"Money's a little tight for a lot of people," he said.

He said he has the financial resources to fund his own campaign.

Shane Ferrari stands next to campaign signs, Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017 at McGee Park in Farmington. Ferrari is running for San Juan County Sheriff.

“A key factor in running a successful campaign is having money,” Ferrari said.

He said he has to campaign for votes at the same time that he tries to raise money, a challenge his opponent does not face.

Ferrari said the two hardest things about campaigning is interrupting people during dinner when he knocks on their doors to introduce himself and asking people for money.

“For an individual to give up their hard-earned money to support me is humbling,” he said.

How the money gets spent

In addition to the $25,000 in radio advertising, Bolack has purchased Facebook and online ads. He has also spent thousands of dollars on campaign strategy, consulting and surveys.

Bolack said people will see radio, television and social media advertisements as well as mail out information throughout his campaign.

While Ferrari has organized fundraisers, including one this week at Aztec's Escape Games, Bolack said he has not arranged any fundraising events.

"If I have a fundraiser, it's going to be without a 'd' in it — so a fun-raiser," Bolack said.

Ferrari acknowledged that he will not be able to outspend Bolack.

“Tommy’s got the money, there ain’t no doubt about it,” he said.

However, Ferrari plans to be persistent and he said he will go door to door to introduce himself to San Juan County residents.

“I’m the small-town cop that’s running for Sheriff,” he said.

Other races

Another candidate who has raised a large sum of money for the race is Republican Magistrate Judge Division 1 candidate Erich Cole. Cole was appointed to the seat earlier this year and has raised about $25,000. He is running against retired police detective Frank Dart and former magistrate judge Gary McDaniel in the Republican primary.

Energy companies, including Chevron and ConocoPhillips, have donated to the Republican candidates for the state House District 2 and District 3 seats. District 2 incumbent Rep. James Strickler of Farmington has raised $13,000 despite being unopposed. District 3 incumbent Rep. Paul Bandy of Aztec has raised $6,800. He is unopposed in the Republican primary election and will likely face Democratic Party candidate M.P. Schildmeyer in the November election. Schildmeyer has raised $1,105. The majority of her money came from a loan she gave her campaign.

Several solar companies have donated to the campaign of incumbent Public Regulation Commissioner Lynda Lovejoy. Lovejoy has raised $6,000. In addition to solar, the governors of the Pueblo of Santa Ana and Santo Domingo Pueblo have also donated to Lovejoy’s campaign. Theresa Becenti-Aguilar, who is one of the candidates running against Lovejoy in the Democratic Party primary, has raised $1,000 from Cochiti Pueblo and Pueblo of Isleta.

Campaign finance reports can be viewed online at

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