An enlightening experience at Farmington Public Library

Ceremony marks winter solstice, honors supporter

The Daily Times staff
The sun lights the winter solstice marker on the floor of the Farmington Public Library at noon on Thursday.

FARMINGTON — Friends and supporters of the Farmington Public Library gathered at the facility today for the library's annual Winter Solstice Celebration and the presentation of the library foundation's Let There Be Light Award to Margo Allee.

Sierrah Murphy, left, and her sister Aspen Murphy play a string game with their mother Michelle Murphy during the annual Winter Solstice Celebration on Thursday at the Farmington Public Library.

Allee was recognized for her service as the president of the foundation from 2011 until September. She has served on the library's advisory board, as well. In earning the award, which is presented at least once each year, Alee followed in the footsteps of her mother Louise Webb, who also won the award.

That ceremony was just part of the festivities at the library today, with the winter solstice observation serving as the event's highlight. Library program coordinator Jenny Lee Ryan said the sun broke through the clouds shortly before noon, allowing the solstice marker on the building's floor to be illuminated in sunshine.

Susan Otto listens to the music of the Ashay Drummers as the sun moves across the Farmington Public Library on Thursday during the library's annual Winter Solstice Celebration.

"It was a solstice miracle," she said, laughing. "We had sun right at noon."

The ceremony also included caroling by the Atsa Biyaazh FACE program participants, performances by the Kody Dayish Band and the Ashay Drummers, and Na;att'o' Navajo string games.

Ryan said the foundation's next event at the library will be the opening of a traveling art exhibition by "Where the Wild Things Are" author Maurice Sendak. The exhibition makes one stop in each state and will feature 50 works. It opens March 10 and remains on display through April 22.

The Ashay Drummers perform during the Winter Solstice Celebration on Thursday at the Farmington Public Library.