Farmington, Kirtland reach agreement on planning, platting jurisdiction

The Daily Times staff
San Juan County


FARMINGTON — The town of Kirtland and the city of Farmington have reached a compromise on planning and platting jurisdiction.

Farmington, which has a population of more than 25,000 people, can have planning and platting jurisdiction for a radius of 5 miles outside its city limits as long as it is not within another municipality's boundaries, according to state statute. Kirtland, which has a population of less than 25,000 people, can have jurisdiction for a radius of 3 miles outside its town limits.

Some of the area within a 3-mile radius of Kirtland is also within a 5-mile radius of Farmington. Because of that overlap, the two municipalities have worked out a memorandum of understanding regarding planning and platting jurisdiction.

The idea behind the jurisdiction is that either of the municipalities could eventually annex that land.

Kirtland officials initially asked Farmington to give their town jurisdiction over what Farmington considers its tier 3 jurisdiction. That is the area outside of the 3-mile radius west of the city and within 5 miles of the city limits.

The compromise the two municipalities struck keeps most of the area east of County Road 6200 within Farmington's jurisdiction, but the Kirtland town ponds will be within Kirtland's jurisdiction. Farmington will keep the area of the Little Creek subdivision, Safety City and Twin Peaks within its jurisdiction.