Three Rivers Pizzeria adding delivery service

Restaurant interviewing potential employees to beef up staff when deliveries begin

Leigh Black Irvin

FARMINGTON — The Three Rivers Pizzeria is planning to deliver its unique pizza creations to your door in the near future.

Miguel Zamarron checks to see if a pizza is ready Friday at the Three Rivers Pizzeria in Farmington.

“People love our pizza so much, so we’re trying to provide an extra service,” Three Rivers co-owner John Silva said. “We’ve always wanted to do delivery, and this will also help us generate more business.”

Silva said the plan is to start with pizza delivery in a radius of 5 miles. If that goes smoothly, items from the other Three Rivers restaurants will be added to the delivery menu, and the delivery radius will be extended. The projected start of delivery service is late January, though Silva said it may not start until February.

The restaurant is working on procuring a computer system that will be able to track customer order histories and keep track of customer addresses. Silva said he wants to make sure all his ducks are in a row before the delivery service is launched.

“We don’t want to do things halfway before starting this,” he said.

Instead of hiring delivery drivers, Silva said the plan is to use servers, cooks and other employees to take care of the deliveries.

Sixty-five employees work at the three Three Rivers establishments, which consist of the restaurant/brewery, the tap room and the pizzeria — and will soon include the Three Rivers Brewstillery Lounge, which Silva hopes to open in February or March.

Chris Rojo boxes a pizza for a take-out order Friday at the Three Rivers Pizzeria in Farmington.

“We’re trying to keep (employees) busy and give them something to do — it will also give them a chance to take a break from the restaurant,” Silva said.

He said he realizes that in branching out to the delivery business, Three Rivers will be competing with larger pizza franchises.

“But I hope that since we’re a local business, people will choose to stay local,” he said.

Jesse Gravelle, Three Rivers kitchen manager for the pizzeria and the restaurant/brewery, said the launch of the delivery service is being held up by a few snags, specifically the computer system.

“We’ve hit a few obstacles, but it’s nothing insurmountable,” he said. “The technology is an important part, and when we start this, we want to start it properly.”

Zack Padilla, left, works on a calzone and Jeremy Collins adds pepperoni to a pizza Friday at the Three Rivers Pizzeria in Farmington.

Gravelle said he and his team are in the process of interviewing potential employees, as Three Rivers will need to increase its staff when deliveries begin.

At the pizzeria on Friday, several customers were enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to have their favorite pizza delivered.

“I think it’s going to be amazing, and I think it would be great to order pizza to be delivered to my work,” said Alejandra Rubio, who works downtown.

Shawna Begay agreed that the delivery option is a positive development.

“When we come down here, we come for the pizza,” she said. “It’s gourmet pizza, but it’s worth the trip and the money. Delivery of it will be great.”

Broderick Clinton expressed similar sentiments about the quality of the pizza, but said he wished another item could be added to the delivery menu.

Jeremy Collins, left, Miguel Zamarron and Zack Padilla work in the kitchen Friday at the Three Rivers Pizzeria in Farmington.

“Tell them to deliver the beer, too,” he said.

Silva said the law doesn't allow that, but he thinks it's a good idea.

“I think there would be less drinking and driving if they would," he said.

Leigh Black Irvin is the business editor for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4621.