Gas sites targeted in county disaster drill

Steve Garrison

FARMINGTON — The San Juan County Office of Emergency Management will stage a full-scale disaster drill Wednesday at ConocoPhillips sites in Bloomfield and Farmington.

San Juan County

A simulated active-shooter scenario will be held at 7:30 a.m. at the ConocoPhillips yard on Herrera Road in Farmington, according to emergency management spokeswoman Michele Truby-Tillen.

Truby-Tillen said local and state emergency response teams will then respond at 8 a.m. to a bomb threat at the ConocoPhillips San Juan Gas Plant, No. 61 County Road 4900 in Bloomfield.

The drill is coordinated with fire and police agencies, the San Juan County Communications Authority, the American Red Cross, Red Apple Transit and the San Juan Regional Medical Center, among other organizations.

Truby-Tillen said Red Apple Transit buses will transport fake injured patients from the disaster site on Herrera Road to the medical center.

The gas plant's sirens will also be activated for an extended period of time.

The San Juan County Office of Emergency Management stages a disaster drill every year to test emergency response agencies in the region.

In last year's scenario, two gas trucks were hijacked and crashed into San Juan College West and the Four Corners Regional Airport. A mock active shooter scenario was then initiated at Navajo Prep.

"It's like a live play," Truby-Tillen said.

She said state and local experts will evaluate the response at a post-incident debriefing next month.

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