Kirtland to discuss annexation

Hannah Grover
Snow blankets the Riverview Golf Course Saturday near Kirtland. The Kirtland Board of Trustees is considering a measure to annex the course.

FARMINGTON – During its meeting Tuesday, the Kirtland Board of Trustees will discuss the possibility of annexing land west of the municipality.

The proposed annexation includes the San Juan County-owned Riverview Golf Course and a stretch along U.S. Highway 64 from General Supply to the old Maverick refinery.

Mayor Mark Duncan said the board will have a preliminary discussions about the possible annexation and, if the board decides to go ahead with it, notifications will be sent to property owners. He said the town is interested in annexing the land because of the potential revenue from gross receipts taxes.

“Every little bit helps a small community,” Duncan said.

In addition to Kirtland, the other three San Juan County municipalities also will meet this week. Bloomfield will have a council meeting Monday while Farmington and Aztec will meet Tuesday.

During its Monday meeting, the Bloomfield City Council will discuss its capital outlay requests and legislative requests. The city is asking for about $1 million in capital outlay funding for three projects, including a river bed filtration system, improvements to Vereda del Rio San Juan Park, and the East Blanco Bridge and Road Reconstruction.

In addition to requesting funds for the projects, the city also is sending legislators a list of proposed bills. The legislation addresses the age of sexual consent, sobering houses, civil forfeiture, the Freedom of Information Act and the whistleblower statute.

The majority of the requested legislation concerns issues the city has requested in the past, Mayor Scott Eckstein said.

He said the city added a request to change the law about what happens with assets seized during law enforcement investigations. Under the current law, officials must turn over the money and property seized during investigations to the state treasury office. Bloomfield is requesting that the law be changed so the municipality that seized the property does not have to give it to the state.

The Farmington City Council is expected to approve an intergovernmental agreement with San Juan County, the San Juan Regional Medical Center and Presbyterian Medical Services for the Joint Intervention Program and the sobering house. Both programs address inebriation within the community.

Aztec city commissioners will discuss drainage study agreements on arroyos that have caused flooding in the city.

Hannah Grover covers Aztec and Bloomfield, as well as general news, for The Daily Times. She can be reached at 505-564-4652.