Second giant transformer to come through area

Daily Times staff
The New Mexico Department of Transportation is advising drivers to be on the lookout for the heaviest load ever to be transported on New Mexico public roads as it is moved through the Four Corners area to Monticello, Utah.

FARMINGTON — The New Mexico Department of Transportation is warning that a large transformer carried on a special trailer from the Thoreau railhead to Monticello, Utah, will cause driving delays this weekend in western San Juan County.

The trucks will transport the load on Navajo Route 9, U.S. Highway 491. and U.S. Highway 64. The transformer left Thoreau on Thursday and is expected to go through the Shiprock area on Saturday and Sunday. Drivers should avoid those roads if possible or expect delays.

This is the second of two transformers that are being transported through the area and they are the heaviest loads ever moved on New Mexico roadways, according to state transportation officials. It will require one truck pulling and five trucks pushing to move the large load, officials said in a press release.

This load will weigh more than 1.6 million pounds and will be more than 400 feet long, according to the press release. It will also be 22 feet wide and 19 feet tall.

The New Mexico State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau is providing an escort along state and U.S. highways. The state Transportation Department will inspect the roads after the operation is completed and perform repairs where necessary.

The caravan will accommodate emergency vehicles, officials said.

The heaviest load ever to be transported on New Mexico public roads will come through Shiprock. Its final destination is the Pinto substation in Monticello, Utah.