County to collect hazardous waste

The Daily Times staff

 FARMINGTON — San Juan County will be collecting household hazardous waste from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at two community locations.

Residents are encouraged to drop off waste items at the San Juan County Administration parking lot, 100 S. Oliver Dr. in Aztec, or the American Plaza parking lot, 1001 W. Broadway Ave. in Farmington, according to a press release from the San Juan County Office of Emergency Management.

The county is providing the collection service for free.

San Juan County promo image

Waste items that will be accepted include auto-related waste — including gasoline, brake fluid, motor oil, and batteries — dry cleaning fluid, glue, household cleaners, insecticides, weed killers, aerosols, stain, enamel and latex paints, varnishes, fertilizers, and artists paints and cleaners.                             

The county will not accept commercial or industrial waste, biomedical or radioactive waste, explosives, compressed gases, 55-gallon drums, business general wastes, yard waste, ammunition, appliances such as refrigerators, tires or electronic waste such as computers or cell phones.

If residents have electronic waste to dispose of, they can call Farmington Clean and Beautiful at 505-599-1426.

For more information about the annual household hazardous waste collection day, call 505-325-6741 or 505-599-1284.