Rats quickly removed from new Farmington High School building

Principal says rodents did not disturb classes

Megan Petersen
Farmington Daily Times
  • The rats likely came from the 400 building, which was demolished on Jan. 8.
  • Students and staff members had their first day of classes at the new school building on Jan. 8.
  • Carter Pest Control laid traps in the building, and the school's principal has heard of no further rat sightings.
Students head to class on Jan. 8 at Farmington High School, the first day of class in the school's new building.

FARMINGTON — Farmington High School has addressed a rodent problem in its new building, Farmington High School Principal Tim Kienitz said.

Rats from other buildings on campus — likely the 400 building, which was demolished on Jan. 8 — were spotted in the new building, which opened for regular school business on the same day, Kienitz said.

The rodents were isolated to office areas on the first floor of the new building, which is near the 400 building’s former location.

Kienitz said the district’s pest control contractor, Carter Pest Control, laid traps in the building Jan. 8-9 to address the issue. He said he hasn’t heard any further reports of rats in the new building.

“Any time you have construction, you’re going to have things moving around, so (the rodents were) looking for a place to go,” Kienitz said on Thursday. “We got our pest control in, and as far as I know, we haven’t had any trouble since that first day.”

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No rats were spotted in classrooms or in the commons area, so the problem did not disturb classes, Kienitz said.

Aside from the rodent issue, adjusting to the new building has gone smoothly, Kienitz said.

“Oh yeah, it’s been great,” Kienitz said. “You have little issues that you have to work out with a new facility — whether it’s too hot or too cold, whether the lights are coming on at the right times or going off at the right times. All of those things are things that we’re working out and are part of the adjustment to a new environment, but overall the kids have been great, and staff and everybody seems to be appreciating the facility.”

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