Change was proposed by Newcomb High School student


KIRTLAND — The Central Consolidated School District Board of Education is backing proposals to update policies for tobacco use by staff members and students.

During a meeting on Tuesday, the board modified a policy to prohibit the use, possession and distribution of tobacco products, e-cigarettes and nicotine liquid containers by staff members and students on all district property and premises owned, leased or contracted by the district.

While such activity already was banned in areas such as school grounds, buildings, parking lots and buses, the board added athletic fields, other outdoor property, administrative offices and other nonschool sites owned by CCSD.

The amended policy also prohibits smoking by staff members and students at any time, regardless of hours and day of the week.

The update also allows the district to provide referrals to staff members for resources to help tobacco addiction.

District spokeswoman Renee Lucero said the update to the tobacco policy was proposed by Newcomb High School student Thomas Hosteen during the board meeting in December. Hosteen issued the proposal on behalf of Evolvement, a youth organization that focuses on decreasing the harmful and addictive use of commercial tobacco, she said.

"CCSD is making amendments to existing policies to help create the best possible learning environment for students and staff," Lucero said.

She added the updates are consistent with recommendations by the New Mexico Department of Health.

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Board members also approved authorizing students with provisional driver's licenses to register for parking stickers.

The change is in response to student and parent requests to allow stickers for students carrying such licenses, Lucero said.

Students can drive and park on campuses at Kirtland Central, Shiprock, Career Prep and Newcomb high schools.

The policy revisions will go into effect after approval by the New Mexico School Board Association, Lucero said.

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