Bomb threat cleared at Farmington High School

The Daily Times staff
The Farmington High School marquee is pictured on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015, from the corner of North Sunrise Avenue and 20th Street in Farmington.

FARMINGTON — Members of the Farmington Police Department Bomb Unit have cleared the scene of a bomb threat at Farmington High School.

The bomb threat was found on a note near the entrance of the 500 building just before 2 p.m. and the school was placed into preventive lockdown, according to Principal Tim Kienitz.

An unattended backpack was later found in a restroom inside the 500 building. Staff and students were evacuated to the 300 building as a safety precaution, Kienitz said.

Students remained in their sixth-period class until school was released at 3:12 p.m. They were directed to stay away from the 500 building as they left school grounds.

Members of the bomb unit x-rayed the backpack and discovered the image was not conclusive, Farmington police spokeswoman Georgette Allen said.

The bomb unit used a robot to remove the backpack and found nothing, according to Allen.

After-school activities, including sports practices, a driver's education class and JROTC practice, were canceled, Kienitz said.

Farmington High was one ofseveral schools in San Juan County that received bomb threats in November and December of 2015.