Farmington man accused of kidnapping, attacking a pregnant woman and a relative

Suspect allegedly dragged woman to vehicle against her will

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times
  • Lerrael Clah, 20, is accused of kidnapping and battering a woman and assaulting two people while committing a violent felony.
  • Shellie Patscheck, Clah’s attorney, did not provide comment on the case.
  • A Nov. 25 preliminary hearing in Farmington Magistrate Court was rescheduled for the morning of Dec. 12.

FARMINGTON — A Farmington man faces multiple charges after he was accused of kidnapping and attacking a pregnant woman along with assaulting a relative earlier this month while committing a violent felony during a domestic dispute.

Lerrael Clah, 20, is also accused of driving with no driver’s license, registration and vehicle insurance, according to court documents.

Shellie Patscheck, Clah’s attorney, did not provide comment on the case.

The Farmington Police Department was dispatched around 1:01 p.m. on Nov. 9 to a trailer park on the 2600 block of W. Main Street to investigate a reported domestic fight, according to the probable cause statement.

Officers spoke to the two women — the alleged assault and kidnapping victim and Clah’s relative — and briefly spoke to the defendant.

The alleged assault and kidnapping victim told the officer Clah had woken up and became angry. She said she tried to calm him down, but Clah allegedly grabbed her and pinned her down on the bed in a bedroom.

Lerrael Clah

A court document indicates that Clah’s relative yelled at him to let her go, which he did when the relative threatened to call police.

The defendant allegedly demanded the victim go with him for a ride in a vehicle, but she did not want to go. She said Clah then grabbed her left wrist and dragged her out to the vehicle, and the relative tried to stop Clah but he threw a punch at her. The relative told police she was able to dodge the punch but was afraid Clah was going to hit her.

The alleged assault and kidnapping victim said she stopped resisting Clah as she believed it would make the situation worse and she got into the vehicle with him. They drove around for five minutes as Clah allegedly yelled at her.

When they returned to the residence, she said the defendant started to punch her. The woman said she was able to use a spike-studded bracelet to block most of his punches.

Documents state that when officers located the vehicle and took Clah into custody he initially told police he was asleep in the vehicle when officers arrived at the scene, then stated he went to get gas with the victim. He declined to answer additional questions.

Clah was booked on Nov. 9 into the San Juan County Adult Detention Center and released the next day.

Clah faces a second-degree felony count of kidnapping, two third-degree felony counts of assault with intent to commit a violent felony along with a misdemeanor count of battery and petty misdemeanor counts of improper display of registration plate, being an uninsured motorist and having no driver’s license, according to the criminal complaint.

A Nov. 25 preliminary hearing in Farmington Magistrate Court was rescheduled for the morning of Dec. 12.

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