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The suspect was released from the county jail on March 10


FARMINGTON — A Farmington man allegedly admitted to police that he filmed a teenage girl exiting the shower with his cellphone then later deleted the video.

Anival Erives, 29, is accused of a fourth-degree felony count of voyeurism (child under 18), according to court records. He did not have legal representation on March 10.

A Farmington Police Department officer was dispatched to the Monterey Mobile Manor at 1212 S. Monterey Ave. on reports of a girl who claimed Erives recorded her while she was in the shower.

The teen had left the residence before police showed up, but the officer spoke to a woman who was there. The woman said the teen was upset and crying, stating Erives had his phone under the door recording her after she exited the shower.

When the woman confronted Erives on the allegations, he denied the allegations and swore on the life of his child that he did not record the teen, according to court documents.

Erives then denied the allegations to police. He gave an officer his phone. The officer did not find videos consistent with the teen's claims. However, the Android phone's history showed a YouTube search for "How to use your cell phone as a spy camera," according to court documents.

Police later interviewed the teen when she returned to the house.

She told police she observed what she believed to be Erives' phone against the bathroom door with a camera lens visible as she exited the shower.

She stared at it for few moments then it was lifted from its position. The teen believed Erives saw her looking at the phone and that's when he picked it up.

According to court documents, Erives later told the woman he was sorry for what he did and confessed to recording the teen. He then told a detective he filmed the girl with his cellphone as she exited the shower then deleted the video from his phone. 

Erives' was released on his own recognizance on March 10 from the San Juan County Adult Detention Center.

His preliminary hearing is set for the morning of March 18 in Farmington Magistrate Court.

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