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The woman did not have any broken bones


FARMINGTON — A Farmington man is facing a felony criminal charge for allegedly driving his vehicle over a woman in a Farmington grocery store parking lot.

Phillip McCaleb, 30, is accused of a third-degree felony count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to court records.

Arlon Stoker, McCaleb's attorney, said the incident was the woman's fault as she instigated the incident and his client just tried to "ease away" when she slipped under the vehicle.

A Farmington Police Department officer was dispatched around 6:15 p.m. on Oct. 6 on reports of a domestic violence incident taking place at the Smith's grocery store at 600 E. 20th St., according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

Dispatch was told a man later identified as McCaleb and a woman were fighting in the parking lot near the fuel station and the woman was run over by McCaleb.

The affidavit states an officer arriving on scene found a woman sitting on the ground with tire marks all over her arms and legs.

The woman stated she felt numbness in her legs and was transported to San Juan Regional Medical Center by paramedics.

She did not have any broken bones, but she had multiple cuts on her legs and bruising all over her left arm, adding she had a tough time walking.

McCaleb told police the woman started kicking the passenger door of his vehicle then opened it. He added she grabbed items in the vehicle and threw them at him.

McCaleb claims the woman tried to get into the vehicle and he attempted to get away from her by driving away then he felt a bump.

The woman told police she was reaching inside the vehicle when McCaleb started to drive away then she felt her body go limp. One of the vehicle's tires ran over the woman.

Two witnesses told police it looked like the woman was reaching into the vehicle to strike McCaleb.

The defendant was released from the San Juan County Adult Detention Center on his $500 cash at 10 percent bond.

His preliminary hearing is set for the morning of Dec. 18 in Farmington Magistrate Court.

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