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Two other suspects in case had charges dismissed


FARMINGTON — A recently-arrested Aztec woman is accused of being among a group of people who allegedly forced themselves into a man's house last year, threatened him with a baseball bat then destroyed property and burglarized his residence.  

Valerie Martinez, 27, is charged with five felonies including aggravated burglary, breaking and entering, aggravated assault and criminal damage to property, according to court records.

Christian Hatfield, Martinez's attorney, did not reply to requests for comment on Oct. 8. She was charged in the case on Feb. 11.

Martinez was arrested on Sept. 30 at a residence in the 1100 block of North Monterey Avenue by the Farmington Police Department, according to police Spokesperson Nicole Brown.

San Juan County Sheriff's Office deputies were dispatched around 10:39 p.m. on Oct. 21, 2018 to a residence on County Road 3400 in Flora Vista on reports of people who damaged a man's property.

The man spoke to deputies, detailing how multiple people including Martinez broke into his residence and threatened him with a baseball bat.

Two other suspects were charged in the case, but their charges have been dismissed, according to court records.

The accuser stated he heard someone knock on his door and he assumed it was a friend who had been staying at the residence.

He opened the door and a female at the door stated she was there to get a hat her sister left.

As the male tried to shut the door, the woman and other people, including Martinez, allegedly grabbed the door and pushed their way into the residence.

At least five people made entry into the residence, cornering the man in the kitchen.

An unidentified man had a baseball bat and would "check swing," making a gesture as if he was going to swing the bat.

The man told deputies he managed to escape to a neighbor's residence and heard people smashing and breaking things inside his residence as he ran away, according to court documents.

When he returned to the residence after the group left, he found multiple items in the home damaged, along with property stolen including an Apple iPhone.

The man was able to identify Martinez as one of the suspects using a photograph, according to court documents.

Deputies were told the people left the scene in a white pickup truck, and they later located the owner of the truck in Farmington.

He told deputies he drove people including Martinez to the residence but stated he stayed in the truck during the incident.

Martinez is being held on a $10,000 cash at 10 percent bond in the San Juan County Adult Detention Center.

Her preliminary hearing is set for the morning of Oct. 10 in Aztec Magistrate Court.

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