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A sentencing hearing has not been scheduled for defendant


FARMINGTON — A Blanco man who faced a total of 36 felonies across 10 cases in district court recently agreed to a second plea agreement, which could lead to him serving up to 52 years in prison.

Kenneth Alcon, 27, , pleaded no contest on July 17 in Aztec District Court to a third-degree felony count of attempted aggravated burglary, fourth-degree felony counts of possession of firearm by a felon and larceny of a firearm; along with a guilty plea for a petty misdemeanor count of shoplifting, according to a copy of the plea agreement.

Mark Curnutt, Alcon's attorney, said his client entered into the plea agreement offered by the prosecution as it was a fair resolution to his charges.

Dustin O'Brien, San Juan County Chief Assistant District Attorney, said the goal of the prosecution was to possibly sentence him to enough time to prevent him from offending in the future and the plea accomplishes that goal.

The three felony convictions stem from Alcon and Isaiha Trujillo, 23, who were accused of running a burglary and gun trafficking ring.

Alcon faced a total of 23 charges in the case including 19 larceny of a firearm charges before 20 were dismissed.

Trujillo's case is still pending in Aztec District Court and set for an Aug. 20-21 jury trial.

Alcon was convicted by a jury trial on March 25 of two fourth-degree felony counts of battery upon a peace officer.

This follows a June 22, 2018, plea agreement where he plead guilty to a fourth-degree felony of attempted aggravated battery and a misdemeanor count of battery upon a household member.

The attempted aggravated battery conviction comes from a case where Alcon was accused of a triple stabbing in Bloomfield on Dec. 3, 2016, according to The Daily Times archives.

He plead down from three third-degree felonies to one fourth-degree felony.

Alcon also has previous convictions for petty misdemeanor counts of failure to obey signal, expired driver's license, no proof of insurance and no registration in Aztec Magistrate Court, according to court records.

Alcon has been sent to a state hospital for a pre-sentence diagnostic evaluation before sentencing.

A hearing for sentencing has not been scheduled.

Curnutt said he had no comment on potential sentencing before he reviewed the diagnostic evaluation report.

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