The undercover operation occurred on March 1, 2018


FARMINGTON — A Farmington man has been accused of trafficking methamphetamine after selling just over a pound of the narcotic to an individual involved in an undercover operation.

Clifford Mosley, 63, is accused of a second-degree felony count of trafficking a controlled substance, according to court records.

He is accused of selling 462 grams of meth to a confidential informant on March 1, 2018, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

Ronald Adamson, Mosley's attorney, declined comment on the case.

The court documents detail an operation by the Region II Narcotics Enforcement Task Force. The organization is comprised of San Juan County law enforcement.

The Region II agent conducted a controlled purchased of meth with a male not charged in the case.

The confidential informant was given contingency funds to purchase the meth. The male told the informant to go to the Home Depot at 3560 E. Main St.

At the Home Depot, the informant called the male, who redirected him to a former Giant gas station at 5501 E. Main St. in Farmington.

The informant was told that "Chuck" was going to meet them with the requested amount of meth.

"Chuck" was later identified as Mosley, according to court documents.

Mosley allegedly told the informant to meet him by the air machine on the east side of the building.

After about three minutes, the informant got in the agent's vehicle and presented the agent with a bag that was covered in brown packing tape. It was filled with a substance with a hard rock like texture consistent with meth.

The white, crystalline substance tested positive for the presence of meth and was weighed at 462 grams.

The informant was able to identify Mosley from a photo lineup.

Mosley was released on his own recognizance from the San Juan County Adult Detention Center and is required to wear a GPS monitor.

He waived his preliminary hearing on June 12 in Farmington Magistrate Court and the case was bound over to district court.

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