The jury reached a verdict in nearly three hours


AZTEC — The former San Juan Regional Medical Center psychiatrist accused of sexually assaulting and abusing a former female patient has been found not guilty of all charges by jury.

Dr. Alan Emamdee, 42, was acquitted of six, first-degree felony counts of criminal sexual penetration on May 30 in Aztec District Court.

It took the jury less than three hours to reach a verdict on the third day of the trial in front of District Court Judge Lyndy Bennett.  

Emamdee was arrested on July 20, 2017, and accused of forcing a former female patient to perform oral sex on him multiple times and sexually assaulting her at the San Juan Health Partners Behavioral Health office in Farmington.

Emamdee hugged one of his attorney's Mark Curnutt after Judge Bennett ended the court hearing.

Friends and family sitting in the pews behind Emamdee congratulated him on his innocence in the case and hugged him also.

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The area behind the prosecution side of the courtroom was nearly empty when the verdict was read around 1:10 p.m. on May 30.

"It was an intelligent and conscientious jury that took a good look at the evidence and came to the correct result in our opinion," said Arlon Stoker, one of Emamdee's attorneys. "Alan Emamdee is absolutely innocent of these charges."

Judge Bennett went over the jury instructions with the jury before letting the defense and prosecution gave their closing statements.

Curnutt questioned the credibility of the woman's testimony in court, pointing out inconsistencies it had when compared to other witness testimony in the case.

He also recalled a video tour of the medical facility, where it was shown Emamdee's office had three glass brick windows and no lock on his office door.

The prosecution told the jury that the patient had been diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses and she testified the best she could with the best she could remember.

San Juan County Deputy District Attorney Michael Sanchez told the jury the patient was interested in seeking treatment and help during a "dark point" she was dealing with in April 2016.

This is another pending criminal case against Emamdee, which is a third-degree felony count of criminal sexual penetration.

A former female patient accused Emamdee of withholding prescription medication unless she performed oral sex on him  

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A jury trial date has not been scheduled in this case. 

Emamdee, along with San Juan Regional Medical Center, is also involved in a pending civil lawsuit in Santa Fe District Court filed by 12 of his former patients.

The complaint claims Emamdee forced them into situations where sexual abuse and misconduct occurred, along with him adjusting medications to "attempt to destabilize victims and increase their vulnerability to abuse."

A May 3 order by District Court Judge Bryan Biedschied states the court was notified that "parties in the matter" reached an agreement to settle the case and that a May 10 hearing be vacated, according to court documents.

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