The woman was arrested by Farmington police on April 16, 2018


FARMINGTON — Prosecutors in Oklahoma dropped charges filed against Kristen "Kriste" Aragon, one of two Farmington women accused last year of kidnapping an Oklahoma teen. Her case was dismissed by the Pittsburg County District Attorney's Office.

The motion filed with the court states the case was ended by the prosecution in the interest of justice, according to court documents provided to The Daily Times. The charge against the other woman was dropped last summer.

Pittsburg County District Attorney Chuck Sullivan told The Daily Times today that evidence issues were presented as the prosecution prepared for trial. 

"It became clear we had some compelling evidentiary issues that would negate Ms. Aragon's guilt and so we felt it was in the best interest of justice to dismiss at this time," Sullivan said. 

Aragon, 36, was charged with felony counts of kidnapping, solicitation for child pornography and lewd or indecent proposal to a minor, according to The Daily Times archives.

Aragon and Melissa Goelz, 29, were accused of driving to a residence near McAlester, Oklahoma on April 16, 2018, picking up a 14-year-old male and returning to Aragon's Farmington residence. 

Goelz's kidnapping charge was dismissed on Aug. 27.

Aragon was also accused of requesting the teen send her a photo of himself that is considered child pornography, and of making a lewd proposal to the teen to have intercourse or sexual relations with her.

The women were arrested by the Farmington Police Department on April 17, 2018, when they arrived at Aragon's residence.

Defense attorney and client 'happy' with the dismissal

Matthew Sheets, Aragon's attorney, said the attorneys were set for a hearing when the case was dismissed Wednesday afternoon in Pittsburg County District Court in Oklahoma.

"Both me and my client are happy how this worked out," Sheets said. "This is how justice is supposed to work."

The case was scheduled for this month's jury trial docket. 

Aragon was released on her recognizance from the Pittsburg County Jail after an Oct. 24 hearing.

The initial charges in the case were dismissed on June 27 due to issues over the acquisition of evidence in the case and witnesses.

The charges were then refiled against the women by the Pittsburg County District Attorney's Office on July 25.

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