Aztec police investigate numerous damaged vehicles

The Daily Times Staff

FARMINGTON — The Aztec Police Department is investigating numerous vehicles allegedly damaged by two juvenile males and an adult male earlier this month and are seeking the public's help.

Two 15-year-old males have each been charged with 22 counts including four felony counts of criminal damage to property and 17 misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property, according to an Aztec Police Department press release.

Javiar Garcia is also accused of 23 counts including four felony and 17 misdemeanor counts of criminal damage to property and a felony count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

All three suspects' warrants are active and they have not been arrested as of Thursday afternoon, according to Detective Sgt. Heather Knibbs.

About 20 vehicles have been reported damaged during the night of Feb. 9 through the early morning of Feb. 10. Damage included broken windows and side mirrors, according to Knibbs.

The suspects allegedly damaged vehicles across Aztec.

Knibbs said about half of the people who reported incidents have provided estimates of the damage done to their vehicle.

Aztec police asking residents whose vehicles were damaged to provide an estimate for the cost of repairs to Knibbs at the Aztec Police Department at 201 W. Chaco St. or call 505-334-7601.