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Plea agreement reduced charge from first degree murder to second degree murder.


A Carlsbad man originally charged with first degree murder has been sentenced on an amended charge of second degree murder, according to court records.

Abraham Venegas was sentenced to 15 years as an accomplice in the 2016 drive-by shooting death of 41-year-old Eric Florez.

Court records show Venegas entered a plea agreement and 13 years and 6 months of his 15-year sentence was suspended.

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Venegas, along with Roberto Vargas and a 17-year-old juvenile, was accused of using a shotgun and assault rifle to shoot at four people, including Florez, following an altercation between Vargas and another man in 2016 in the 300 block of Peachtree Street.

Florez was found shot in his minivan.

Vargas was found guilty on seven charges related to the murder.

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