Video jail visits in Knox County: 5 things to know


Video visits have replaced in-person visitation at most jails in East Tennessee. Here's what you need to know about visiting a loved one jailed in Knox County.

1. Some visits are still free

Families can still visit loved ones without being charged, but only by using public terminals at the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility on Maloneyville Road. You'll need to call ahead (by at least 24 hours) to set up a visit during the approved times. Inmates are allowed up to one hour of such visits per week.

2. You'll need an account

To set up a remote visit — from home or elsewhere — you'll need to set up an account at Cost is $5.99 per half-hour call.

Inmates can receive unlimited video chats during approved hours. The visits can be made from a desktop computer or any mobile device that meets the system requirements.

3. Wear clothes

Seriously. The system will block images (including video) that display too much skin as a way to filter out pornography.

4. It's not the sheriff's money

Knox County draws a commission on the proceeds from video chats and text messages to inmates. That money goes into the county's general fund, not the Knox County Sheriff's Office budget. 

Inmate Kristopher Johnson uses a tablet at the Knox County jail May 15.

5. You can ask for a refund

Callers can ask for tech support or a refund if a call fails. For more information visit

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