Seven suspects have been charged in Burger King investigation


FARMINGTON — Three new suspects have been accused of fraud or forgery at regional Burger King restaurants in New Mexico and Colorado.

Rafael Sandoval Jr., 37; Luisa Campuzano-Gonzalez, 34; and Micaela Sepulveda Madrid, 47, have been charged, according to court documents.

Madrid and Campuzano-Gonzalez are accused of using stolen Social Security numbers to obtain wages at the Bloomfield and Durango, Colo. Burger King restaurants, according to arrest warrant affidavits.

Sandoval, the district manager for five Burger King locations in New Mexico and Colorado, is accused of fraudulently obtaining $24,529.74 in checks between December 2013 and June 2015, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

There have been seven people charged in connection to alleged fraud at Burger King restaurants in New Mexico and Colorado, according to court documents.

Burger King did not respond to request for comment.

Anthony Josephson, a co-owner of Redrock Food Ltd., declined comment but stated the company is cooperating with law enforcement on the case. 

Redrock Food Ltd. Is the franchise owner of the Burger King locations.

The warrant for Sandoval is still active, according to court records.

Madrid and Campuzano-Gonzalez have been arrested, according to court documents.

Madrid faces two sets of charges for two counts of identity theft along with a second-degree felony count of fraud and a fourth-degree felony count of forgery, according to court records.

A Burger King corporate employee told a Farmington detective that Madrid has been using a stolen Social Security number which belonged to a 20-year-old woman in Arizona.

The detective obtained W-2's issued by the Burger King restaurant in Durango, Colo. and the Farmington Home 2 Suites, where Madrid was previously employed.

Madrid allegedly obtained about $87,300 in wages since 2015, with about $43,000 in Farmington, according to court documents.

The second set of charges stem from Madrid allegedly using the same stolen Social Security number to obtain wages at the Bloomfield Burger King restaurant.

She spoke to a detective on Monday at the La Plata County Detention Center in Durango, Colo., after she was arrested on the first warrant.

Madrid told the detective she purchased the Social Security card in 1993 in Arizona and she had been using the card since then for employment.

Campuzano-Gonzalez, the manager of the Bloomfield Burger King, is also accused of a similar crime.

She is accused of obtaining about $108,500 in wages since 2013 using a Social Security number belonging to a 44-year-old woman in Virginia.

The victim had been notified by the IRS that a person was using their Social Security number.

Campuzano-Gonzalez made her first appearance Friday morning in Farmington Magistrate Court and did not have legal representation.

Both Madrid and Campuzano-Gonzalez are believed to be living in the country illegally, according to court documents.

Sandoval was listed as the district manager for five Burger King locations in New Mexico and Colorado.

He is accused of fraudulently obtaining 54 checks for about $24,500 from December 2013 to June 2015, according to court documents.

A Farmington detective was told initially 27 checks were fraudulently obtained, and the detective found another 27 checks after examining Sandoval's bank records.

The first suspect charged in the investigation, Denise Garcia-Quintana, has had two sets of charges dismissed on Sept. 12, according to court documents.

She was accused of fraudulently obtaining about $181,000 while using a Utah woman's Social Security number to receive wages and using fraudulent checks from the Bloomfield Burger King.

The notice of dismissal stated the defendant is in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.

Jack Fortner, one of Garcia-Quintana's attorneys, stated his client has been deported.

Garcia-Quintana picked up new charges on Thursday for alleged forgery and identity theft.

She is accused of using an Arizona man's Social Security number to obtain wages while she worked at the Smiles 4 Kids dentist office at 4337 E. Main St. in Farmington, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

Charges are still pending in Farmington Magistrate Court against Katie Rascon, 24, Yesenia Leyva-Nevarez, 30 and Maria Leyva, 55.

The three women are accused of felony counts for allegedly fraudulently obtaining checks from the Farmington Burger King restaurant at 948 E. Main St.

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