Oklahoma judge dismisses charges against kidnapping suspect

Farmington woman sees charges dropped for second time

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times
  • Melissa Goelz's case was dismissed Monday in Pittsburg County District Court in Oklahoma.
  • Goelz was a passenger in the vehicle involved in the alleged kidnapping of the 14-year-old boy from Oklahoma.
  • Charges against the second woman in the case, Kristen "Kriste" Aragon, were bound over for a district court arraignment.

FARMINGTON — One of the two Farmington women accused of kidnapping an Oklahoma teen has had her case dismissed by a judge.

Melissa Goelz's case was dismissed Monday in Pittsburg County District Court in Oklahoma by Associate District Judge James Bland, according to court documents.

Goelz, 29, and Kristen "Kriste" Aragon, 35, were accused of traveling from Farmington on April 16 to pick up the 14-year-old boy from his residence outside of McAlester in southeastern Oklahoma and returning to her residence, according to court documents.

They were taken into custody at Aragon's residence on April 17 by Farmington Police Department officers.

The dismissal by Bland was due to Goelz believing the boy was voluntarily going with them due to a desire to run away from his residence, according to the order.

Prosecutors argued Goelz should be charged with kidnapping because the parents did not give permission for the women to pick up the boy. The judge's order states the teen was of age to give consent to leave without a parent's consent.

Goelz's court-appointed attorney, Brecken Wagner, said the boy could not get his story straight while testifying regarding at what point he decided he did not want to be to not be around the women.

He added the victim walked about a mile from his residence to a gas station to meet up with the women of his own accord.

Wagner said it was sad and disheartening to see prosecutors throw Goelz in jail a second time on a case they couldn't get to trial.

Charges were refiled against Aragon and Goelz on July 25 after the initial charges were dismissed during a June 27 hearing. The Pittsburg County District Attorney's Office has previously stated it dismissed the first set of charges due to issues regarding witnesses and the acquisition of evidence in the case, according to The Daily Time archives.

Pittsburg County District Attorney Chuck Sullivan said he believed there was enough evidence to have Goelz's case bound over to district court, and he was disappointed about and didn't agree with the judge's order.

He added Goelz's claims that the women traveled nearly 1,300 miles based on concerns that the boy was in an abusive situation didn't pass the smell test, as they never contacted authorities regarding the claims.

Wagner stated the boy told the court his claims of abuse were false.

The boy testified in court that Aragon threatened to kill his family, Sullivan said.

Aragon's charges were bound over for a district court arraignment on Sept. 26, according to court documents.

Aragon is accused of felony counts of kidnapping, solicitation for child pornography and lewd or indecent proposal to a minor, according to court documents.

The court documents alleged Aragon made a "lewd proposal" to have sexual relation or intercourse with the boy.

She is also accused of requesting a picture from the boy that is considered to be child pornography be sent to her phone.

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