Kidnapping charges refiled against Farmington women

Suspects were arrested in April by Farmington police

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times
  • Kristen "Kriste" Aragon, 35, and Melissa Goelz, 29, were charged on Wednesday with a felony count of kidnapping.
  • Aragon was charged with felony counts of lewd or indecent proposal to a minor and solicitation for child pornography.
  • Aragon and Goelz were incarcerated at the Pittsburg, Oklahoma, County Jail Friday morning.
Kristen "Kriste" Aragon

FARMINGTON — The two Farmington women accused of kidnapping an Oklahoma juvenile had charges refiled against them this week and were being held Friday in a county jail in Oklahoma on $35,000 bond.

Kristen "Kriste" Aragon, 35, and Melissa Goelz, 29, were charged on Wednesday with a felony count of kidnapping in Pittsburg County District Court in Oklahoma.

Aragon was charged with felony counts of lewd or indecent proposal to a minor and solicitation for child pornography, according to court documents.

The child pornography charge was not included in the first set of charges filed against Aragon.

The suspects initially were charged on May 4 by the Pittsburg County District Attorney's Office, but those charges were dismissed during a June 27 hearing.

Goelz and Aragon are accused of driving to a residence outside of McAlester in southeastern Oklahoma on April 16 to pick up a 14-year-old male and driving back to Aragon's residence in Farmington.

Aragon is accused of making a lewd proposal to the juvenile male to have sexual relations or intercourse with her. She also is accused of requesting that the juvenile send her a picture of him that is considered to be child pornography that he took and sent to her, according to court documents.

She initially was charged with lewd molestation instead of lewd or indecent proposal to a minor.

The juvenile stated he had been communicating and playing video games online with Aragon using an Xbox video game console and through text messages on a phone. He added he believed she lived 30 minutes away.

Melissa Goelz

Goelz and Aragon were taken into custody on April 17 by the Farmington Police Department when they arrived at Aragon's residence.

During the June 27 hearing, the prosecution's motion to dismiss the charges without prejudice was granted by Pittsburg County Special District Judge Mike Hogan.

Pittsburg County Assistant District Attorney Amanda Self said the DA's Office initially dismissed the charges because there were issues with witnesses and getting some of the evidence for the hearing.

She added prosecutors dismissed the initial charges so they would not lose the case. The prosecution refiled those charges once the issues were addressed, Self said.

A motion for continuance was filed on June 26 by the prosecution before the preliminary hearing set on June 27 regarding the issues.

The suspects appeared in Pittsburg County District Court Thursday for their first appearance.

Self requested Special District Judge Hogan set a $500,000 bond for the suspects. A $35,000 bond was set for both women.

Goelz's court-appointed attorney, Brecken Wagner, said he was disgusted by the way the case has been handled. Wagner described the case as appalling, claiming the prosecution was not ready for the June 27 hearing, forcing the suspects to travel back and forth between Farmington and McAlester.

He stated the suspects did everything the court told them to do, and the prosecution should prove that the suspects are a flight risk.

Self defended the $500,000 bond request by stating it's a very unique case in which the suspects allegedly drove to Oklahoma, drove the juvenile 13 hours away from his home and told him he was never going to return home.

In response to Wagner's "disgusting" comment, Self replied the prosecution believes the crime allegedly committed is disgusting and the $500,000 bond request was appropriate and remains appropriate.

Motions for bond reduction were filed by Wagner and Matthew Sheets, Aragon's court-appointed attorney, to have the suspects released on their own recognizance.

Sheets echoed Wagner's comment that the prosecution was not prepared for the June 27 hearing and the suspects traveled from Farmington to prove their innocence.

Self stated a response to the motion for bond reduction would be filed before a Monday hearing.

Aragon and Goelz were incarcerated at the Pittsburg County Jail Friday morning.

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