Suspect has three pending cases in district court


FARMINGTON — A Farmington man has picked up a fourth pending criminal case and is accused of burglary and larceny for allegedly stealing nearly $20,000 in jewelry from a residence.

Eric King, 26, is accused of third-degree felony counts of residential burglary and larceny, according to court documents.

He is accused of burglarizing a Farmington residence and taking $19,700 in jewelry and $300 in spare change, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

Graham Gurnee, King's public defender, could not be reached for comment today.

A Farmington Police Department officer was dispatched to a residence in the 700 block of W. Douglas St. on July 20, 2017, on a report of a residential burglary.

The homeowner told the officer he found his safe had been opened, and the door was off.

The reported stolen property included $19,700 in turquoise necklaces, rings and bracelets, along with the $300 in spare change.

Numerous red blood stains were found around the open safe, and samples were collected as evidence.

An DNA analysis of the evidence was completed on Jan. 12. 

Investigators received a report on April 19 from the Forensic Laboratory at the New Mexico Department of Public Safety informing them all three samples submitted were from an unidentified male but not the homeowner. 

Farmington police received a notification on June 16 from the New Mexico DNA Identification System stating the unknown male DNA profile submitted in this case returned for a confirmed match of King as the source. 

An oral DNA sample from King was obtained by investigators on July 10 at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center, and he spoke to a detective afterward. King was incarcerated at the county jail on a separate, unrelated case.

King told the detective he recalled the incident, stating he committed the burglary to help work off a drug debt and that he only completed the burglary after being threatened.

The charges filed on July 11 represent one of four pending criminal cases against King in magistrate and district court.

In three pending cases in district court, King faces 17 charges.

Those include six felony charges for possession of a controlled substance, aggravated fleeing of law enforcement officers and possession of a firearm by a felon, according to court documents.

He is also facing five misdemeanors and six petty misdemeanor charges.

King has two felony convictions for possession of a controlled substance and forgery.

The San Juan County District Attorney's Office filed a motion Thursday to hold King without bond pending trial.

Chief District Judge Karen Townsend ruled in favor of the DA's Office motion Monday afternoon in Aztec District Court, according to court documents.

King's preliminary hearing is set for Wednesday morning in Farmington Magistrate Court.

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