Local filmmaker sentenced to one year of probation

Kody Dayish pleads guilty to telephone obstruction charge

The Daily Times staff
Kody Dayish

FARMINGTON — Local filmmaker Kody Dayish has been sentenced to one year of probation for a misdemeanor conviction that could be removed from his record.

He was sentenced on a class one misdemeanor count of telephone obstruction during a July 10 hearing in front of La Plata County Judge Dondi Osborne in Durango, Colorado, according to court documents.

Dayish plead guilty to the charge during a June 23 hearing.

A class two misdemeanor count of false imprisonment was dismissed during the July 10 hearing.

Dayish originally was accused of a fourth-class felony of sexual assault when he was arrested on March 3 by the Durango Police Department. Dayish, a Shiprock native, was visiting Durango because he had a short film he directed called "Spared" that was shown twice during the 13th annual Durango Independent Film Festival March 1-3, according to The Daily Times archives.

Christian Champagne, district attorney for the Sixth Judicial District of Colorado, said the sex assault charge was dropped because the DA's Office didn't think there was a "reasonable likelihood" of a conviction in a jury trial.

He added his office considered all the evidence in the case before making the decision. The telephone obstruction charge was filed after the sexual assault charge was dismissed.

David Greenberg, Dayish's attorney, could not be reached for comment.

Dayish was given a deferred judgment and sentence that could result in the conviction being removed from his record if he doesn't violate his probation and obtains recommended treatment.