A Bloomfield man was arrested and accused of firing two gunshots at a vehicle over a dispute allegedly about $20 worth of marijuana.

Witness said he got marijuana from suspect but never paid for it


FARMINGTON — A Bloomfield man was arrested and accused of firing two gunshots at a vehicle over a dispute allegedly about $20 worth of marijuana.

Jaden Ortega, 18, is facing five charges including a third-degree felony count of child abuse along with fourth-degree felony counts of aggravated assault and shooting at or from a motor vehicle, according to court records.

Ortega is accused of firing two shots from a handgun at a Honda Accord on the afternoon of April 7 at the intersection of Blanco Boulevard and First Street in Bloomfield, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.

Shellie Patscheck, Ortega's attorney, said her client waived his preliminary hearing in Aztec Magistrate Court Thursday and the case was bound up to district court.

She added they look forward to getting to the whole story of the alleged incident once all the evidence is presented in court.

A detective for the Bloomfield Police Department was notified of the alleged incident around 4 p.m. on April 7.

He recovered a 9mm shell casing in the intersection and obtained surveillance video from a nearby business.

The affidavit states the video shows a white Pontiac car driving westbound on Blanco Boulevard enters the intersection, performs a U-turn and turns into the northbound lane of First Street.

A male later identified as Ortega allegedly sat on the window sill of the front passenger door and appeared agitated, "flaring his arms" at a Honda Accord in a southbound lane of First Street, the affidavit stated.

Ortega is accused of firing two gunshots at the Honda Accord, then re-entering the vehicle, according to court documents. The vehicle was then driven away.

As part of the investigation, two Bloomfield detectives interviewed the occupants of the Honda Accord and the driver of the Pontiac on April 10.

Before interviewing the occupants of the Honda Accord, the detectives observed fresh paint peeling away from a hole in the vehicle's front quarter panel.

The passenger in the Honda Accord, a juvenile male, told the detectives he obtained about $20 worth of marijuana from Ortega in January and did not pay Ortega back.

The owner of the Honda told the detectives he was driving the car that day and also identified Ortega as the person who shot at the vehicle.

The driver of the Pontiac, a juvenile female, told the detectives she picked up Ortega to get his phone repaired. She stated Ortega noticed the Honda Accord and started to argue with the vehicle's occupants.

The affidavit states she observed the handgun but did not see Ortega fire the handgun.

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